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Hello Gardeners and Friends

ORANGE COAST, our first registered daylily, was bred and raised in our California coastal garden. ORANGE COAST repeats its bloom alot, is open to greet you on 60-65 degree mornings, increases quickly, has evergreen foliage and its medium to small stature allows it to grow well in a 10-inch pot. In 2011 we harvested 1 seed pod, with 3 seeds and ORANGE COAST has grown and bloomed and thrived so well we decided to offer it at an introductory double fan price of $25 with 3 double fans for $60. We have a few new seedlings we are watching. Perhaps we will be lucky again.

This year we are offering mutiple discounts on many of our garden worthy daylilies. Look for the SAVE NOW buttons. EMPIRE RETURNS, JANE TRIMMER, ORANGE COAST, PARROT PARTY, and SIGNATURE TRUFFLE are pictured above and have mutilple plant discounts. The award winning lavender daylily, pictured above, is CLOTHED IN GLORY.

BEAUTIFUL EDGINGS, BURNING INHERITANCE, CODIE WEDGEWORTH, GREEN MORNING GLOW, IRISH MELODY, PEACOCK MAIDEN, and SCARLET ORBIT are daylilies that have been with us for years. But in the pursuit of garden excellence we are constantly striving to upgrade our collection of daylilies, the easiest perennial to grow.

Penny and Phil Ben
Arroyo Grande, California

October 2015: We are closed.

March 2016: Our online catalog will be updated and we will accept orders.

April 2016: Shipping begins.

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